The Power Of Pink


The Power Of Pink

Good morning, on October 19th as most of you know it was the international day against breast CANCER, itself, October has declared the month of support for this struggle, which, unfortunately, we all have about someone who has fought against it, someone who is struggling and someone who will fight. But not everything is negative, luckily many specialists from all walks of life are struggling to make this fight every time more easy and gradually abolish this.

For all this, we want to contribute our bit and dedicate this information to all those who have an interest in the subject. A report of the United States (Siegel et all, 2014) tells us that in women, with more cancer is breast with 29% of the total, nutrition, life habits and environmental factors that increase the risk of this disease (Cancer atlas, 2006). At the same time we also see is the second with more survivors, increasingly we concienciamos good quality of life and change those habits that one day we thought we would not affect.

As well, several scientific studies have already proven the importance of healthy nutrition and training for the prevention, treatment and post. In fact carry out aerobic exercise regularly reduces the risk of breast cancer by 30-40%, and not only that but during treatment, moderate physical activities reduces fatigue causing drugs, subsequently reduces the risk of relapse and increases the quality of life. Would still not you have raised Chair? are waiting to wear the tracksuit?

But, what is moderate physical activity? What is the ideal exercise? We call moderate physical activity all that we assume a slight effort, i.e., between 50% and 65% of our maximum heart rate (Hrmax), quickly estimated 220 – age, are activities can be, walk, mild jogging, swimming, cycling, elliptical, golf… being activities that exceed the 20 min duration. @opoms (World Health Organization), who recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 of vigorous physical activity a week, to keep us in shape and prevent diseases, but we have to multiply these numbers by two if you are looking for is to improve our fitness. Still vigorous activity any activity that leads to our FC above 65% Hrmax, paddle tennis, jogging, supervised activities, strength training…

These activities we will only improve the quality of life, risks or cardiovascular disease, but it will also help us to feel better, have more heart and lung capacity, less fatigue, better rest, self-esteem and sense of well-being @Fissac_es tells us. Still doubting? Put on the slippers!!<br> <br>In addition to physical exercise, nutrition has a very important role in these people, later @nutricoaches will show you the options and the most appropriate for these cases power. Stay tuned!