Radical change: 35kg less in 5 months


Radical change: 35kg less in 5 months

Rebook your sports spots defends the action of “fight against yourself, you are your only obstacle”, well, as much to do with this today we want to tell you a story that makes us special pleasure since it perfectly expresses this message.

The last Oscar summer contact us to tell us that concern your health, did not know do because his life was quite disordered and excessive weight.

Oscar is a large person if, and joined his stressful and static work produced you an increase in all the negative aspects of his blood analysis as well as its put pain in the knees and bad to be continuous, as well it has us in its super interesting post @fisioterapia-online.

We decided to help you and explain that we educate in nutrition and training, do you understand that you should eat at any time even if you have meetings or social meals! THERE ARE NO EXCUSES.

After you understand this also we not serving anything not eat than not worth running like crazy or going from 0 to 100 in 2 days.<br>We wanted to make him see that the food must be in a balanced way, that training should be progressively since it has a high enough weight that can harm level joint and that this is a marathon, where the goal hard effort but reward is infinitely satisfying.

We got down to work as a team, go slowly and in 5 months achieved the objectives it set, start the year with 35 kilos less, do sport regularly without pain and above all enjoy in a way much more active family.

We warned you that the loss of weight in large numbers would lose muscle mass in a way but we would make possible that out to a lesser extent, we would try that only out of fat mass and so we should get a calorie deficit in their daily routines. You have that amount of weight loss cannot be measured, depends on each subject and stated that the had in each person it is variable. Sergio Peinado tells it beautifully in his videos on YouTube, we advise them you “as fat loss and define muscles”

This was thanks to his commitment and effort, thanks to the constancy, perseverance and learn to do things right.

Today continues to maintain his weight and told us that it is deprived of certain things from Monday to Friday and weekends… It trips it is a little.

Thank you very much for your trust in us.

You know that you can always count on us.

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