1 visit per month with measurement of body composition and direct treatment.


Videoconference, estimating body composition.


Direct and personalized attention 24/7.

Personal 1 visit/month

Training, online tracking and monthly monitoring to assess progress.

Personal with trainer

Sessions stipulated by the client and the coach, with the posibility of training at home, outdoors or in sport centers.


Videoconference, creating a monthly planning with the focus on the client.

Time Flexibility

Schedule that best suits you.

Nutritional Education

Nutritional education adapted according to objective.

Healthy habits

Healthy food habits in and out of the office.

We improve your physical capabilities to achieve any goal getting the most performance with training tailored exclusively for you. No matter the type of sport that you make, we get to improve your condition by analyzing your specific characteristics and the kind of improvements you need.

If you have a diagnosed injury or pathology or simply need to improve your heart or your bones, we are specialized in physical activity to your health. We analyze your situation and carry out specific plans to improve your current situation according to your target.