Nutrition, Training and Vice versa

Foto ArticuloThe word diet comes from the Greek dayta, which means ‘regime of life’. It is the amount of food that is provided to an organism in a 24 hour period, regardless of whether or not it covers your maintenance needs, in short, is the set of nutrients that are absorbed after the habitual consumption of food (SEMFYC, 2005)

Because we understand then the diet as something negative or restrictive in many cases? Already is the answer, because I will say that on many occasions the diets stop you from eating certain things and are quite monotonous and boring.

So if you have reason is that there are studies that say that 60% of the people who make diets become more angry and in the same way 80% of people who decide to leave and return to fatten more than they were already. These your in this group?

Elena Navarro (dietitian-nutritionist) tells in one of his articles published in the magazine “Hello” (Yes, I admit, from time to time echo you an eye) that one of the reasons more important which are abandoned diets is the monotony of food, thinking that the rice, chicken, and salad is the most healthy that we find being wrong, as well as also defend the need of “variety, control and certainty” when it comes to prescription.

Despite not being scientific sources, there are professionals who speak with reason, the monotony within something that often is imposed, either by the doctor (health) or by society (aesthetics) is the cause of stress to something that does not look forward to and guess which is the worst remedy for weight loss or physical improvement? Correct… The stress!

What we eat then? Eliminates your taboos to food, learn to differentiate that amount you can eat, at that time, depending on your goals, you do not restrinjas because that created you anxiety and but I do not believe it until the chocolate is good (than 80% eeh do not believe that the of little almonds and chocolate as we know it), it has caffeine and increases your metabolism.

Aitor Sánchez (dietitian-nutritionist) in one of their latest interventions argued that we must bear in mind that not all calories are equal, which depend on the type of absorption, the type of food and the metabolic actions.

On his blog (my diet limps) can see this so-called talk “If Pythagoras nutritionist” that is really interesting and entertaining. (@midietacojea)

Then… would only feed possible to keep us “healthy”? As we say that food has a very high percentage of importance within this “cheese” of health (mmm quesoooo) but we lack a very important percentage called… E-JER-CI-CIO.

The exercise is that it makes you lift your ass from the sofa by eliminating any glimmer of laziness that you may have and putting one foot in front of the other makes you actives (nutricoaches 2015) as simple as that. But if you want something more concrete, it is any activity that increases your heart capacity above the basal level.

You can go shopping and do much exercise assure you (a day measured steps and did almost 6kms) can go swimming, biking, rollerblading, can make love (which is the best that exists) can… make millions of things.

Although no mistake, the best exercise is that this structured and planned specifically for you and your physiology because the physical state depends on many factors that may that we are not in control as for instance diabetes, something that is so fashionable, but many times it is uncontrollable.

Because accurate diabetes of physical activity regulated and planned so that the peaks of insulin do not go crazy, but if you want more info on this Carolina Peñalver in Diabetic World Traveler teaches you tips and wonderful items so that you can defend you without any problem. (@diabetictravell)

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