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INGREDIENTS (serves 4):

  • 300g rice
  • 1 small courgette
  • 3 carrots
  • 4 artichokes
  • 8 asparagus
  • 1 handful of ground white pepper
  • 4 tables poons olive oil
  • 1 handful coriander
  • 1 sheet Laurel


  1. Cut vegetables in the form of tacos, except artichokes that we start them at 4.
  2. Put a pot on the fire with 4 spoons of oil and bay leaf.
  3. When oil is hot add the vegetables and sauté them for 3 minutes.
  4. Add a little salt and 1.5 l of water and let it cook for 10 minutes.
  5. When East boiling add a little salt, pepper and the coriander.
  6. Put in a small pot with 1l of broth vegetables approximately, and hope to begin to boil.
  7. When East boiling, add the rice and let boil for 30 minutes.
  8. Serve and enjoy the dish.


We find a healthy recipe, with carbohydrate of slow uptake by Brown rice, which will provide us with energy on a regular basis over a long period of time avoiding the peak of insulin. It is also accompanied by vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, folic acid and carotene-rich artichokes. This recipe is ideal to use it as a first course and later accompanied by a protein food such as a fish or a steak.






INGREDIENTS (serves 4):

  • 1 bag of sprouts, lettuce or corn salad
  • 5 strawberries
  • 1 handful of walnuts
  • 1 handful of raisins
  • 100g of diced Turkey
  • 6 rounds of cheese “brie”
  • 4 tablespoons of oil
  • 1 tablespoon of raspberry vinegar
  • 1 handful of salt


  1. Wash the lettuce leaves, and can mix several types of green. Place at the bottom of the dish.
  2. Wash the strawberries and cut them vertically, put on top of the leaves.
  3. Add nuts (walnuts and raisins) evenly on the plate.
  4. Pour the cubes of Turkey.
  5. Make the rounds of grilled cheese “brie” and add to the salad.
  6. In a bowl put the oil, vinegar and salt and mix.
  7. Add the vinaigrette and enjoy the salad.


Dish completely balanced nutritionally, provided in hydrates of carbon (raisins and strawberries), protein (Turkey, walnuts), fats (cheese, oil) and vitamins and minerals (shoots) and rest of food. Ideal as a single dish or share dinner or family gatherings. Food just processed and easy to find on the market.

Effective Nutrition

Have you ever wondered because it improves your performance with adequate nutrition?

Should we begin describing what proper nutrition.

Adequate nutrition is based on a compensation of different nutrients to the need of each subject based on your daily activities, your metabolism, your rate of fat, etc… Taking into account these factors we will develop nutritional bases according to proteins, carbohydrates and fats, as well as vitamins and minerals essential for the existing intense physical activity.

Several characteristics to take into account within the routine food make it a difficult fit piece, but at the same time needed to increase the capacity of our energy systems, which allows us to improve every day, get better or even rest better.

The compensation of the proteins with carbohydrates, fat needs to muscle or essential hydration as well as fair needs supplementation depending on lean mass of each athlete. (Eg. Between 1.2 and 2 g/kg/day of proteins)

Each one of the factors that make up this gear are a single piece when we put together them. Performance is essential when it comes to training, to know what to eat before and at what time, to eat then to recover better, make the week prior to the competition or how to achieve that fatigue will take to appear.

Let us take an example… A power snatch brings a time of execution of approximately 2 seconds, at this time we are using an energy system that depends on the intensity or weight we win will take more or less to recover, but if instead of a power snatch are doing 10 rounds of 5 repetitions will get start to enter a phase of lactic acid by which our muscles you win or forces begin to decline.

What then for this take? One of the solutions is to have adequate glycogen deposits to be able at the end of the session with proper feelings and above all be able to recompose these deposits, since the muscle rupture produced growth along with the recomposition of these fibers by means of adequate nutrition, relaxation, moisturizing etc.


Be aware, the nutrition increases yield.

We are what we eat and train.

Train Your Nutrition!

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INGREDIENTS (serves 4):

  • 300g chicken breast
  • ½ Zucchini
  • ½ Eggplant
  • 2 large carrots
  • 12 tomatoes Cherry
  • 4 tablespoons of oil
  • Salt
  • Black pepper poder
  • ½ Cup of wáter
  • Salsa wok
  • Soy


  1. Cut all vegetables to tacos, cubes or strips, less tomatoes.
  2. Put a frying pan to heat with 4 tablespoons of olive oil, then leave until East heat oil (should not go out smoke).
  3. Take the vegetables in the Pan and saute 5 minutes, take salt and a little black pepper.
  4. Cut the chicken cubes or strips, season them and add to the skillet to Sauté them.
  5. Add ½ cup of water and allow to fire heat 7-8 min.
  6. Put a little wok and soy sauce, cover the Pan and allow to fire heat 5 min.
  7. Enjoy your wok of chicken.


In this dish, we find food protein as chicken breast, fatty like the olive oil and rich in minerals and vitamins such as vegetables. The seasonings we use are appropriate for the increased metabolism as the black pepper and healthy as soy. It would be ideal to complement this dish with bread and cover the quantity of carbohydrate required for the proper absorption of nutrients.

Thanks you

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From Nutricoaches we go slowly showing you the great benefits that are obtained through physical exercise, health and aesthetics. There are several types of physical exercise, distinguishing three main groups, cardiovascular work, which we will discuss below, strength or toning and stretching exercises.

Considering that all exercise should be prescribed depending on the objective to achieve, everyone wishing to improve their quality of life, would have to perform these three groups of exercises in an individualized manner, i.e. taking into account the characteristics of each, why personal training helps achieve the objectives more quickly.

As a general rule cardiovascular (aerobic) work, is that all physicians at a certain age, recommended because we get great benefits at the heart level. But not only is recommended as an age in particular, but since children should educate so they always take 4-5 days a week for this kind of activity.

We will define aerobic work as long-term activities (+ 20 minutes) at a moderate intensity (60% / 70% of maximum heart rate), this type of work can be identified with sports such as cycling, swimming and running, but in addition to these sports, also can perform them in gyms, exercise bikes, treadmills or elliptical. The benefits you get when often performing cardiovascular work are as follows:

  • Decrease of the blood pressure both at rest and during exercise.
  • Decrease of fatigue in daily activities.<br>-Reduction in the risk of overall mortality.
  • Decrease in blood glucose.
  • Fat loss.
  • Prevention of osteoporosis.

To control if the exercise is being performed correctly the ideal is to always wear a heart rate monitor and using the Karvonen formula to calculate heart rate suitable for oneself. How do we calculate our proper heart rate?

  1. Calculate the maximum heart rate (FC max).<br>(Men: 220 – age, women 226 – age) example; Female 35 years, 226 – 35 = 191 beats per minute.
  2. Calculate the heart rate in rest (rest FC). (Morning upon waking, in bed, we take the pulse for 10 seconds and multiply them by 6) example; 10segundos, beats 12 X 6 = 72 beats per minute.
  3. We apply the Karvonen Formula:

(FC max – FC rest) X % intensity + FC rest

Example: (191 – 72) 70% + 72 = 155 beats per minute.

To achieve the benefits of cardiovascular work, among them the loss of fat, in this example, the subject should work between 60% and 70% of your maximum heart rate, is between 140 and 155 beats per minute approximately.

So then is how we should do this to calculate the intensity of aerobic work, either other intensities.

Thanks you

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Andrea Esteban: from injury to the success

Today I’d like to introduce you to a story of overcoming that for me is especially brutal and really serving to learn.

Andrea is a girl who has been playing soccer since I remember seeing her play with children in the fields of land and stressing above all.

We immediately call attention to everyone and the way put it in place, because as women who play football, did not have an easy road. However I then signed for Levante u.d. first women’s division.

Not only their adaptation to this man’s world was complicated if not for more misfortune Andrea has undergone 3 very serious injuries at just 17 years old why many players leave this sport, but she does not, she is put follow, fight, work and never throw in the towel.

When I started to know its history and to know the severity of his injury got in touch with her because I understand there are dreams to pursue them and fight them and he could not allow that was over with so I decided to propose that we work as a team.

Both succeeded, work it, suffer and find the goal, wanted to go to Europe, my selfishness me to see that I wanted to do it with the rojilla marking a goal.

Misfortunes have followed him and the last time, for reasons personal might not be. But as a team we are we are not going to give up and next year we’ll see with the Red dedicating a very high goal and shouting very loudly because she deserves it.

I want to leave a few words she same I dedicate myself to my especially and Nutricoaches as a team.

”The truth, to my gave me the impetus needed at a moment in which it was all lost.” I will present my name is Andrea Esteban, currently play at Levante UD female who plays in Superliga women and also in the Spanish team U19s. I have suffered three ACL injuries in four years, two in the right knee and one on the left. During this latest injury many things passed me on the head, one was throwing in the towel because it not more enduring, it evolved not in recovery, she was standing, but it was then when I started to work with my good friend Javier Lara. I asked help and he without hesitation gave me instantly. We were at Christmas and I had been operated for 5 months and I have not had begun just to run. Remember be training new year’s eve day, 2 January, Epiphany. I stress this because they are days that he could have devoted to his family and friends, without giving any explanation, but there he was, taking my time and working hard with me. And since that time I suffered was brutal, through their routines of food, their routines of prevention and weight training to strengthen my knees, and the work that we did with his material, around January 20 was beginning to play ball. What a mi more me shocked was the change that gave my body in less than 3 months. I started with him weighing 67 Kg and with a percentage of 21% fat. In March weighed 61 Kg and had a percentage of less than 14% fat, and all this without starving, enjoying both the meals and workouts. All this helped me to get to compete in the Queen’s Cup and League final with my club, but above all to reach very well in July the European with la selección Española sub 19, a common goal that both got. I only get Javi, thank you of heart for all that you have done, are doing and sure you’ll make by my. A professional from head to toe”

Thank you for trusting us Andrea, work together to fulfill your dreams and always the goals arriving very high!

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Thinking of Running

At least 100 years ago that we know the different types of shoes that exist for running, it is today when this activity has crowded in a popular form, and all want to go out to eat the city by miles and miles of challenging our physical capacity and wanting to improve week after week but… that goes with joints, believe that we can improve the quality of life of our fundamental pillars the legs?

Good as I am sure you know one of the greatest remedies is the work of force simultaneously to career work, but another solution is to know what kind of shoe is that most fits your features, let’s talk about it then.

The first running shoes dating from approximately 1920 which were a pair of shoes with rubber soles are known crepe and the leather upper with an approximate weight of about 300 g, these “shoes” were used for the first time in the marathon of Boston that same year.

Starting from there different types of shoes are developed every day more adapted to give comfort, stability and specificity to our career, from nails in racing shoes wider fast, to those of sole or even without it.

As we choose then our ideal slippers, well, we take into account that one of the fundamental patterns is the type of foot we have wider or more narrow, another feature that we see is our body weight, let us note that the weight that we of offer to the ground, the returns us with the same force when we walk and multiplied by 10 when we run Let us therefore take care with our footwear.

The characteristics of the shoes we should have 3 that are very clear, the type of sole, we need a soft sole adapted to the environment, to the movement of the foot, which increase proprioception, but at the same time that it is stable.

It is said that if you take a shoe and you can not bend the sole (the tip touches the heel) it is better to go for others.

Another feature is the weight of the shoe itself, if they are heavy effort is going to be great, remember that interest is getting tired as much as possible and eliminate the greater burden that we can.

And the characteristic most importantly the Drop, this is the sole difference between the heel and tip this is important due to the inclination which takes the foot and therefore your center of gravity.

If you have problems on the part of the twins, I soleo or at the level of the Achilles tendon, what we are going to try is to take a dorp more high, (8-10mm) allowing you to give more confidence to these muscles and therefore the resistance offered in the race is less.

Now, if the problem we usually have overloads in quadriceps or knees then find a drop as low (4-6 mm) which will help us to remove the charge in that area, but of course care with excessively high drops or the very low or non-existent, since these are the worst.

And how can we know that drop have the shoes we use? Look for some years, brands of sneakers such as Nike decided to put this in the sole, which is quite useful and followed you, as always happens, other brands that also helps us to choose.

In terms of brands, it is difficult to speak, since everyone has preferences, both in style and attach to the foot, but note that usually Nike made a shoe longer foot more fine, and Adidas takes it to foot more widths, another of the initial brands as asics is also works with cut wider, my advice is to try and rodéis.

But this does not end here much less, we thought that the choose shoes was something as simple as getting the more cool and who everyone looks at them to me but… And that happens with our tread?

In many places, and unfortunately by many “professionals” is heard the typical question that surely have heard: are pronator or supinador? And that we respond to this? As a monologista once said (Leo Harlem) I I’m from Albacete. Nobody has a tread pronation or supinadora when it comes to running, we all need to pass through an intermediate point of the sole of the foot, and why the address is pronosupino or supinopronador, this means that we start stepping with the inner part of the foot, went through a point half and go to the outer zone or finger more side (pronosupino) and vice versa in the other case… “Small plate”… Well as despite being a roll it is important to know our tread to get the right shoes and keep care our ankles and our knees.

And how we can know this? Well one way is a biomechanical tread today already performed in many sports shoes sales shops, study if it is true that make you only if you buy the shoes, but tell you a trick… In the fairs of runners make them for free, pure marketing.

Another way to get to know your tread in a way more home and having good eye is to see where it turns your ball joint when you make the tread, if supporting foot your patella tour inward is that you’re possibly pronator, if it turns out, supinador.

Really the best is to find a Podiatrist or a biomechanical analysis.

What do you think? We investigated over your shoe and you’re telling me?

Thank You

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 INGREDIENTS (serves 4):

·      250g vegetable Pasta or Integral

·      12 tomatoes Cherry

·      2 tins of tuna natural

·      1 onion

·      2 lettuce hearts

·      1 small cucumber

·      2 carrots

·      4 tablespoons of Virgin olive oil, Salt and White pepper


1.     Cook pasta for 10 min, look the brand if it is fast cooking.

2.     drain the pasta, let cool and place in a bowl.

3.     chop and add the onion, lettuce and cucumber.

4.     scratch and add the carrot.

5.     cut in half and add the tomatoes.

6.     drain and add the tuna.

7.     pour the oil, salt and a little white pepper.

8.     stir and serve.


This dish is a pretty balanced recipe of essential nutrients, Hc, protein and fat, in the form of mainly pasta, tuna and oil. In addition to the qualities that bring us vegetables high in vitamins such as carrot, cucumber and tomato in vitamin A and potassium, sulphur and vitamin C high onion or lettuce with high content of folic acid. Good dish to be used only in foods helping to accelerate metabolism and thus get a weight loss.

Thanks you

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Smart “Snacking” (2nd Part)

Ruth Herrero Garcia (swimmer an triathlete)


When we finish a test or training, our feeling of hunger can be fairly large even if we’ve got any energy input to the body before this test especially if it has been of long duration or very demanding and your muscles have had to work at 100% of its possibilities. In this case, we recommend a slightly more copious intake which will be present at both carbohydrates and protein. This mixture will cause your muscles to regenerate more quickly, especially if eat it nothing more complete proof already that this demonstrated that the intake of the “nutritious and healthy snacking” until they pass 30 minutes after the test that is more fast acting on muscle recovery. What happens if you are not hungry after training? “There is no problem in not snack after workouts short and soft,” says Montgomery.

An example of what can be a demanding post-entreno/test pecking can be chocolate milk since you get the aforementioned mixture and also will help you to rehidratarte without work in excess of your stomach


Half Turkey sandwich with fruit or yogurt smoothies and fruit juices can be a good combination for easy digestion and muscle recovery.


In these cases we recommend foods that are digested slowly, such as fiber or protein, control hunger without eating excess calories. Vegetables are the best solution, feel worse before and after each workout by their high fiber content but is a “pecking” healthy and smart. “The food at 15:00 and 21:00 dinner means six hours without eating. That’s longer than what people should be without eating,”said Farrell, who eat every four hours

Body asks you some high pecking in carbohydrates? We can give you solution by measuring portions; a 2008 study found that people who ate about 100 calories of snacks consumed per day 120 calories less those who chose pecking of major proportions


The vegetable soup, salad with egg whites, hummus with carrot and celery or yogurt with blueberries and almonds can be large nutrient solutions


Here is where comes the psychological factor, the desire for the latest “pecking” before going to bed, that irrepressible gula coming just before entering the bed… “the night is a propitious time to eat emotionally, especially after a stressful day,” says Farrell. For these cases we have to do is to avoid foods with lots of sugar because they can affect the level of blood sugar and interfere with sleep, but if the day after your training is going to be hard and extensive it may need more calories before you go to bed. In this case try fill deposits of energy while you dream with foods such as proteins rich in fiber or carbohydrates: one study found that people who eat a lot of cereal after dinner consumed fewer calories a day than those who did not take these cereals


Milk with cereals, muesli or, if you need something sweet, you may also try the frozen yogurt

Thanks so much!!!

By Andres Alonso Iniesta

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“Smart” Snacking (1st Part)

Make it the most people, when they think about “pecking”, referring to “junk food” such as snacks, pastries or sweets, but for the runners, that, can be a nutritious very valid strategy provided “snacking” is carried out with the essential nutrients. If the calories of a properly distributed, reports a high-energy addressing training in the best possible way. It provides a huge variety of nutrients, which you will need to perform the calorie expenditure when you’re running. Chop properly also, regulates blood sugar levels and keeps the high metabolism so we will be protected, the unwanted weight gain

According to Suzanne Farrell (runner and speaker for the American Dietetic Association): “When it comes to meals without any previous starters, people usually eat faster, more, and choose more calorie foods because they are too hungry”.

One of the basic guidelines when you’re a runner is keep small portions of snacking (250 gr.), have the option of always eating healthy meals which, in turn, are loaded with essential nutrients you will need during the race.

According to Kelly Montgomery (trainer and consultant for nutrition of Connecticut (USA)): “Deciding to take fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy gauzes, runners can get the nutrients that have been lacking in meals”. To do this, it is very important to know that food is correct at all times and when I have to eat them already that this demonstrated that certain foods give runner greater performance when it comes to face a trial


Shown that the vast majority of runners make their daily training right after the last meal of the day, then we have to those who are trained in the morning at fasting and finally there are those who perform the daily training in the afternoon, leaving to spend several hours from the last food intake. We can give you a solution to this kind of mistakes we commonly make a simple intake of about 40 / 50 g of food rich in HC, low in fiber, that you a supply of extra energy and make it easy to assimilate and digest. “You can also eat some protein and fat to maintain stable blood sugar during a long workout, but include it wisely,” says Montgomery

Knowing that the fats, proteins and fiber are digested slowly and can give you stomach problems during the race, select the particular food for every action of your daily routine


The best option is, without a doubt, get that food supply in a way nature, i.e. through the normal meal and not looking for external agents such as smoothies and some derivatives. We find that energy intake in fruits, crackers, energy bars and even in the goat cheese

By Andrés Alonso (Nutricoach y levante zone)

Thanks so much!!!

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