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Radical change: 35kg less in 5 months

Rebook your sports spots defends the action of “fight against yourself, you are your only obstacle”, well, as much to do with this today we want to tell you a story that makes us special pleasure since it perfectly expresses this message.

The last Oscar summer contact us to tell us that concern your health, did not know do because his life was quite disordered and excessive weight.

Oscar is a large person if, and joined his stressful and static work produced you an increase in all the negative aspects of his blood analysis as well as its put pain in the knees and bad to be continuous, as well it has us in its super interesting post @fisioterapia-online.

We decided to help you and explain that we educate in nutrition and training, do you understand that you should eat at any time even if you have meetings or social meals! THERE ARE NO EXCUSES.

After you understand this also we not serving anything not eat than not worth running like crazy or going from 0 to 100 in 2 days.<br>We wanted to make him see that the food must be in a balanced way, that training should be progressively since it has a high enough weight that can harm level joint and that this is a marathon, where the goal hard effort but reward is infinitely satisfying.

We got down to work as a team, go slowly and in 5 months achieved the objectives it set, start the year with 35 kilos less, do sport regularly without pain and above all enjoy in a way much more active family.

We warned you that the loss of weight in large numbers would lose muscle mass in a way but we would make possible that out to a lesser extent, we would try that only out of fat mass and so we should get a calorie deficit in their daily routines. You have that amount of weight loss cannot be measured, depends on each subject and stated that the had in each person it is variable. Sergio Peinado tells it beautifully in his videos on YouTube, we advise them you “as fat loss and define muscles”

This was thanks to his commitment and effort, thanks to the constancy, perseverance and learn to do things right.

Today continues to maintain his weight and told us that it is deprived of certain things from Monday to Friday and weekends… It trips it is a little.

Thank you very much for your trust in us.

You know that you can always count on us.

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INGREDIENTS (serves 4):

  • 12 prawns (large)
  • ½ Lemon
  • 2 pizcos of white pepper
  • 2 tablespoons of Virgin olive oil
  • 1 tomato (striped)



  1. Peel the prawns and laminated each one into 3 parts.
  2. We border the tomato and extend it in a dish.
  3. Put the shrimp in a bowl and add the lemon juice and pepper, add a little salt and let rest 5 minutes.
  4. Place the prawns on top of the tomato slices.
  5. Pour the oil over the prawns.



This dish contains high amount of proteins, would be its ideal combination with carbohydrate-rich foods such as bread. Take it as a main dish or as a starter if you have to prepare some dinner with friends, it is sanisimo and best of all is delicious, sure you are everything a chef!


Thanks So Much!!

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Good morning, as we showed you last week a little bit of it, today I want to introduce the HIIT, high intensity interval training, or to put it in Spanish, high intensity interval training. This type of training is already well known for the coaches, but not so much for the users, so today I so want to present.

HIIT, is a method of training that combines different intensities of work, leading to the heart rate (HR) to high intensities as it could be 90% and let it drop to intensities of comfort as 50% – 60% then on several occasions.

It is scientifically proved that this methodology has great benefits with respect to other types of workouts more conventional, such as the aerobic, but be careful!, not everyone is qualified to perform a HIIT high intensity, such as all training takes its progression. The benefits include:

  • Improves aerobic and anaerobic capacity
  • Helps cardiovascular health, VO2
  • It regulates blood pressure
  • Increases sensitivity to insulin
  • Improves cholesterol
  • Aid to weight loss, decreasing fat and increased muscle mass

ACSM, 2014 (@acsmnews)

Workouts can be very different, with intensities very variants even with different times. It will always have in mind what intensities want to work and what is our goal to make good planning. Yes, we want to work at high intensities, the working time will be short, as well as training time, while if we not raise the Fc large percentages we can perform more time working both in series and in the general training. Let us take an example:

Yes we work 85% Fc, will carry out a series of 15 to 20 seconds, and rest at least while working 15 to 20 seconds or more depending on the subject. Performing a session of no more than 20/30 min. But if we go up to the Fc as a 70% lower intensities, we can rise to 30/45 seconds of work and equal or less rest, that we will recover faster, coming to make sessions of 45 min.

At the same time can work to focus the meeting on the aerobic exercise (run, bike, swim…), or strength exercises (squats, strides, abdominal, push-ups, pull-ups…). To end and leave everything clearer and you could experience this method, we leave a standard session:

6 exercises: funds (1), squat (2), mobile iron (3), strides (4), (5) triceps and abdomen (6).

We performed for 20 second the largest number of possible repetitions and rest another 20 seconds. Repeat each exercise 3 times and go to the next. Remember to perform a warm up for 5 minutes and stretching at the end of the session.

Try it!!!

Thanks So Much.

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The Power Of Pink

Good morning, on October 19th as most of you know it was the international day against breast CANCER, itself, October has declared the month of support for this struggle, which, unfortunately, we all have about someone who has fought against it, someone who is struggling and someone who will fight. But not everything is negative, luckily many specialists from all walks of life are struggling to make this fight every time more easy and gradually abolish this.

For all this, we want to contribute our bit and dedicate this information to all those who have an interest in the subject. A report of the United States (Siegel et all, 2014) tells us that in women, with more cancer is breast with 29% of the total, nutrition, life habits and environmental factors that increase the risk of this disease (Cancer atlas, 2006). At the same time we also see is the second with more survivors, increasingly we concienciamos good quality of life and change those habits that one day we thought we would not affect.

As well, several scientific studies have already proven the importance of healthy nutrition and training for the prevention, treatment and post. In fact carry out aerobic exercise regularly reduces the risk of breast cancer by 30-40%, and not only that but during treatment, moderate physical activities reduces fatigue causing drugs, subsequently reduces the risk of relapse and increases the quality of life. Would still not you have raised Chair? are waiting to wear the tracksuit?

But, what is moderate physical activity? What is the ideal exercise? We call moderate physical activity all that we assume a slight effort, i.e., between 50% and 65% of our maximum heart rate (Hrmax), quickly estimated 220 – age, are activities can be, walk, mild jogging, swimming, cycling, elliptical, golf… being activities that exceed the 20 min duration. @opoms (World Health Organization), who recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 of vigorous physical activity a week, to keep us in shape and prevent diseases, but we have to multiply these numbers by two if you are looking for is to improve our fitness. Still vigorous activity any activity that leads to our FC above 65% Hrmax, paddle tennis, jogging, supervised activities, strength training…

These activities we will only improve the quality of life, risks or cardiovascular disease, but it will also help us to feel better, have more heart and lung capacity, less fatigue, better rest, self-esteem and sense of well-being @Fissac_es tells us. Still doubting? Put on the slippers!!<br> <br>In addition to physical exercise, nutrition has a very important role in these people, later @nutricoaches will show you the options and the most appropriate for these cases power. Stay tuned!

Nutrition, Training and Vice versa

Foto ArticuloThe word diet comes from the Greek dayta, which means ‘regime of life’. It is the amount of food that is provided to an organism in a 24 hour period, regardless of whether or not it covers your maintenance needs, in short, is the set of nutrients that are absorbed after the habitual consumption of food (SEMFYC, 2005)

Because we understand then the diet as something negative or restrictive in many cases? Already is the answer, because I will say that on many occasions the diets stop you from eating certain things and are quite monotonous and boring.

So if you have reason is that there are studies that say that 60% of the people who make diets become more angry and in the same way 80% of people who decide to leave and return to fatten more than they were already. These your in this group?

Elena Navarro (dietitian-nutritionist) tells in one of his articles published in the magazine “Hello” (Yes, I admit, from time to time echo you an eye) that one of the reasons more important which are abandoned diets is the monotony of food, thinking that the rice, chicken, and salad is the most healthy that we find being wrong, as well as also defend the need of “variety, control and certainty” when it comes to prescription.

Despite not being scientific sources, there are professionals who speak with reason, the monotony within something that often is imposed, either by the doctor (health) or by society (aesthetics) is the cause of stress to something that does not look forward to and guess which is the worst remedy for weight loss or physical improvement? Correct… The stress!

What we eat then? Eliminates your taboos to food, learn to differentiate that amount you can eat, at that time, depending on your goals, you do not restrinjas because that created you anxiety and but I do not believe it until the chocolate is good (than 80% eeh do not believe that the of little almonds and chocolate as we know it), it has caffeine and increases your metabolism.

Aitor Sánchez (dietitian-nutritionist) in one of their latest interventions argued that we must bear in mind that not all calories are equal, which depend on the type of absorption, the type of food and the metabolic actions.

On his blog (my diet limps) can see this so-called talk “If Pythagoras nutritionist” that is really interesting and entertaining. (@midietacojea)

Then… would only feed possible to keep us “healthy”? As we say that food has a very high percentage of importance within this “cheese” of health (mmm quesoooo) but we lack a very important percentage called… E-JER-CI-CIO.

The exercise is that it makes you lift your ass from the sofa by eliminating any glimmer of laziness that you may have and putting one foot in front of the other makes you actives (nutricoaches 2015) as simple as that. But if you want something more concrete, it is any activity that increases your heart capacity above the basal level.

You can go shopping and do much exercise assure you (a day measured steps and did almost 6kms) can go swimming, biking, rollerblading, can make love (which is the best that exists) can… make millions of things.

Although no mistake, the best exercise is that this structured and planned specifically for you and your physiology because the physical state depends on many factors that may that we are not in control as for instance diabetes, something that is so fashionable, but many times it is uncontrollable.

Because accurate diabetes of physical activity regulated and planned so that the peaks of insulin do not go crazy, but if you want more info on this Carolina Peñalver in Diabetic World Traveler teaches you tips and wonderful items so that you can defend you without any problem. (@diabetictravell)

As this is a summary of everything that we are going to develop in the blog, videoblog and other networking @nutricoaches.

Thank you for everything and you are more than invited to follow us because we would do very happy.

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Ensalada de Garbanzos

?Para dos personas:

✔️Un tarro pequeño de garbanzos cocidos ( lavados y escurridos)

✔️un aguacate

✔️2 latas de atún en aceite de oliva

✔️un poco de cebolla


Se mezcla todo y se riega con una emulsión de aceite de oliva virgen, vinagre y sal ?

Y a disfrutar!!

Receta cortesía de @igjuesas

Si quieres compartir con nosotros una receta estaremos encantados de publicarla

Regálate vida y mueve el culo

Eat healthy, train safely

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Consultant cualquier duda sin compromiso ni vergüenza


No Entrenas, Tienes Que Ser Consciente

A lo mejor este post te sorprende, a lo mejor te molesta o a lo mejor te ayuda a darte cuenta de la realidad

Seguramente no entiendas el titulo pero voy a intentar explicarlo, porque la realidad es totalmente diferente a la que te han contado.

Empecemos por el principio, ¿qué es entrenar?

Entrenar, según la teoría, es prepararse en el desarrollo de una actividad para un fin en concreto. Pero tu y yo sabemos que de la teoría a la practica hay un gran paso.

En la teoría, tu hora diaria, en el mejor de los casos, de entrenamiento, lo consideras suficiente, o al menos debería serlo, ¿verdad? Pero entonces, ¿porque si realizas ejercicio 5 veces a la semana durante una hora no mejoras físicamente o no bajas de peso?

El entrenamiento es mucho más que moverse una hora al día, el entrenamiento es mucho mas que ir, recibir una clase e irte a casa y por eso NO ESTAS ENTRENANDO

Entrenar consiste en dedicar, dentro de las posibilidades, tu tiempo a realizar ese objetivo que realmente te importa

Comer, descansar, planificar tus cargas de entrenamiento, estirar, realizar movilidad o hidratarte. Todo esto en conjunto hacen que SI estes entrenando, pero si hay algo de esto que no haces, puedes seguir peregrinando a Lourdes que tus objetivos no llegaran nunca


Céntrate entonces en conseguir lo que realmente quieres siempre y cuando estes dispuesto a disfrutar del proceso mas que a sufrirlo. Eres capaz de conseguirlo sin ninguna duda


Consúltanos cualquier duda sin compromiso ni vergüenza

Regalate Vida y Mueve el Culo

Eat Healthy, Train safely



Poke Bowl, Las Recetas de moda

Seguro que has oido hablar de este tipo de recetas, pero ¿que es exactamente?

Poke viene del Hawaiano y significa “cortar”, de ahi que uno de los ingredientes principales sea el pescado, normalmente crudo, cortado a dados sobre una base de arroz y acompañado de verduras

Aunque hay muchas variantes, nosotros os traemos una que nos gusta mucho por su compensación y porque es ideal para cualquier momento del día

Le hemos denominado el “Poke Mar y Montaña” y ya os podréis imaginar porque ¿verdad?

Pues sí, nuestro Poke contiene carne y pescado ademas de arroz y verduras y concretamente tenemos los siguientes ingredientes:

  • Arroz como base
  • Salmón crudo
  • Pechuga de pollo a la plancha
  • Pepino
  • Tomate
  • Edamames
  • Algas Wakame
  • Aguacate

Todo ello mezclado y sazonado con soja hace que sea un plato ideal para un día lleno de energia

Controla tu momento y tus compensaciones y no dejes de probar cosas nuevas, que esto siempre va a mejorar

Consúltanos cualquier duda sin compromiso ni vergüenza

Regalate Vida y Mueve el Culo

Eat Healthy, Train safely



Foam Roller, cerca de ti y contigo

Es un accesorio de espuma con forma de cilindro que se utiliza para “relajar la musculatura” o realizar una liberación miofascial, pero esto ¿qué quiere decir?

La fascia es el tejido conectivo que envuelve todos los órganos de nuestro cuerpo, desde los tendones hasta los músculos, por ello la presión ejercida con el foam nos ayuda a relajarlos.

Utilizar este cilindro nos provoca un dolor un tanto extraño, es irradiado y profundo y se produce de esta manera porque trabaja sobre los puntos gatillo que afectan al dolor muscular en la gran mayoría de las veces.

La ejecución es fácil y util y por ello os proponemos, mediante un enlace, 5 ejercicios realizados por nuestro compañero Gerson Garrosa (@gerson_garrosa) y  que podrás hacer para que su utilización sea efectiva.

Ejercicios Foam Roller

Se puede utilizar antes o después de los entrenamientos e incluso realizar una sesión independiente que te ayudará a mantenerte lejos de las lesiones

No dejes de probarlo, seguro que te convencerá

Regálate Vida y Mueve el Culo

Eat Healthy, Train Safely