Andrea Esteban: from injury to the success


Andrea Esteban: from injury to the success

Today I’d like to introduce you to a story of overcoming that for me is especially brutal and really serving to learn.

Andrea is a girl who has been playing soccer since I remember seeing her play with children in the fields of land and stressing above all.

We immediately call attention to everyone and the way put it in place, because as women who play football, did not have an easy road. However I then signed for Levante u.d. first women’s division.

Not only their adaptation to this man’s world was complicated if not for more misfortune Andrea has undergone 3 very serious injuries at just 17 years old why many players leave this sport, but she does not, she is put follow, fight, work and never throw in the towel.

When I started to know its history and to know the severity of his injury got in touch with her because I understand there are dreams to pursue them and fight them and he could not allow that was over with so I decided to propose that we work as a team.

Both succeeded, work it, suffer and find the goal, wanted to go to Europe, my selfishness me to see that I wanted to do it with the rojilla marking a goal.

Misfortunes have followed him and the last time, for reasons personal might not be. But as a team we are we are not going to give up and next year we’ll see with the Red dedicating a very high goal and shouting very loudly because she deserves it.

I want to leave a few words she same I dedicate myself to my especially and Nutricoaches as a team.

”The truth, to my gave me the impetus needed at a moment in which it was all lost.” I will present my name is Andrea Esteban, currently play at Levante UD female who plays in Superliga women and also in the Spanish team U19s. I have suffered three ACL injuries in four years, two in the right knee and one on the left. During this latest injury many things passed me on the head, one was throwing in the towel because it not more enduring, it evolved not in recovery, she was standing, but it was then when I started to work with my good friend Javier Lara. I asked help and he without hesitation gave me instantly. We were at Christmas and I had been operated for 5 months and I have not had begun just to run. Remember be training new year’s eve day, 2 January, Epiphany. I stress this because they are days that he could have devoted to his family and friends, without giving any explanation, but there he was, taking my time and working hard with me. And since that time I suffered was brutal, through their routines of food, their routines of prevention and weight training to strengthen my knees, and the work that we did with his material, around January 20 was beginning to play ball. What a mi more me shocked was the change that gave my body in less than 3 months. I started with him weighing 67 Kg and with a percentage of 21% fat. In March weighed 61 Kg and had a percentage of less than 14% fat, and all this without starving, enjoying both the meals and workouts. All this helped me to get to compete in the Queen’s Cup and League final with my club, but above all to reach very well in July the European with la selección Española sub 19, a common goal that both got. I only get Javi, thank you of heart for all that you have done, are doing and sure you’ll make by my. A professional from head to toe”

Thank you for trusting us Andrea, work together to fulfill your dreams and always the goals arriving very high!

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