Effective Nutrition


Effective Nutrition

Have you ever wondered because it improves your performance with adequate nutrition?

Should we begin describing what proper nutrition.

Adequate nutrition is based on a compensation of different nutrients to the need of each subject based on your daily activities, your metabolism, your rate of fat, etc… Taking into account these factors we will develop nutritional bases according to proteins, carbohydrates and fats, as well as vitamins and minerals essential for the existing intense physical activity.

Several characteristics to take into account within the routine food make it a difficult fit piece, but at the same time needed to increase the capacity of our energy systems, which allows us to improve every day, get better or even rest better.

The compensation of the proteins with carbohydrates, fat needs to muscle or essential hydration as well as fair needs supplementation depending on lean mass of each athlete. (Eg. Between 1.2 and 2 g/kg/day of proteins)

Each one of the factors that make up this gear are a single piece when we put together them. Performance is essential when it comes to training, to know what to eat before and at what time, to eat then to recover better, make the week prior to the competition or how to achieve that fatigue will take to appear.

Let us take an example… A power snatch brings a time of execution of approximately 2 seconds, at this time we are using an energy system that depends on the intensity or weight we win will take more or less to recover, but if instead of a power snatch are doing 10 rounds of 5 repetitions will get start to enter a phase of lactic acid by which our muscles you win or forces begin to decline.

What then for this take? One of the solutions is to have adequate glycogen deposits to be able at the end of the session with proper feelings and above all be able to recompose these deposits, since the muscle rupture produced growth along with the recomposition of these fibers by means of adequate nutrition, relaxation, moisturizing etc.


Be aware, the nutrition increases yield.

We are what we eat and train.

Train Your Nutrition!

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